Programmable Tap position Transducer Rish ducer TP-25K


Tap position transducer RISH Ducer TP-25K coverts resistance to proportional analogue output signal. The analogue output signal is either an impressed current or superimposed voltage which is processed by other devices for purposes of displaying, recording and / or regulating a constant.
Input measuring range is programmable. It is programmed with the aid of PC and corresponding software. Other parameters relating to the analogue output, transmission mode, operating sense and the open-circuit supervision can also be programmed.
The transmitter fulfils all the important requirements and regulation concerning electromagnetic compatibility EMC and Safety (IEC 1010 resp. EN 61010). It was developed and is manufactured and tested in strict accordance with the quality assurance standard ISO9001.
Features / Benefits
* Input tap resistance and measuring range programmed using PC / Simplifies project planning and engineering (the final measuring range can be determined during commissioning). Short delivery times and low stocking levels.
Analogue output signal also programmed on the PC (impressed current or superimposed voltage for all ranges between – 20 and + 20 mA DC resp. – 12 and + 15 V DC) / universally applicable. Short delivery times and low stocking levels.
Electric insulation between measured variable, analogue output signal and power supply / Safe isolation acc. to EN 61 010
Wide power supply tolerance / Only two operating voltage ranges between 20 and a maximum of 264 V DC/AC.
Provision for either snapping the programmable Transducer RISH Ducer TP-25K onto top-hat rails or securing it with screws to a wall or panel.
Housing only 17.5 mm wide (size S17 housing) / Low space