* Measurement and recording of over 300 electric energy quality parameters acc. to EN 50160 standard.
Operation in 3 or 4-wire, 3-phase, balanced or unbalanced power networks.
Analysis of current and voltage harmonics up to the 51 st.
Configurable archives of actual values and event recording.
Data archiving on a Compact Flash card - memory up to 4 GB.
Web Server, FTP Server.
Interfaces: RS-485 (Modbus Slave, Modbus Master).Ethernet 10 Base-T (Modbus TCP/IP Server) and USB.
Colour touch screen: LCD TFT 5.7”, 320 x 240 pixels.
Users friendly interface based on Windows®CE.
IP65 protection grade from the frontal side.
Recording of operator’s messages.
Synchronization of RTC clock with the NTP time server.