Current/Voltage Transducer - E15


The RISH Ducer E15 transducer is used where a sinewave AC current or voltage is to be converted into a DC signal proportional to the measured value (load-independent current or voltage).
The transducer gives linear output proportional to the measured input.
Depending on the version, part of the measuring range of interest may be amplified at the beginning or end (voltage magnifier).The section of no or minor interest is suppressed
A live zero output signal is possible with all versions.
Features / Benefits
* Different characteristics / Choice of the most suitable version according to application
* Narrow housing, saves space and therefore cost
* Provision for either snapping the transducer onto top - hat rails or securing it with screw to a wall or panel.
* Manufactured in SMD technology / Compact and reliable
* Electric isolation between input/output and power supply (4 kV) / Personal procreation assured
* Screw terminals suitable for multistrand or thick solid wires
* Two isolated output ( Optional ) in E16 housing
* Electric isolation between output 1 and output 2 is 4KV for 1 min.
* Applicable standards : DIN / IEC 60688-1 / IS 12784