The RISH Ducer IXX / VXX measuring transducer is used to convert a sine - wave or distorted AC current and AC Voltage into an impressed output signal. The output signal is proportional to the root - mean square value of the input current and Voltage.
AC Current & AC Voltage Transducers series
Rish Ducer IXX / VXX Very wide range of product to meet the needs of varied applications.
I11 - Average type, Self Powered. (Class 0.5)
I12 - Average type, Self Powered with dual range input (Class 0.5)
I21 - True RMS. (Class 0.5)
I22 - True RMS, (Class 0.2)
V11 - Average type, Self Powered. (Class 0.5)
V21 - True RMS. (Class 0.5)
V22 - True RMS, (Class 0.2)
Unique Features
* State of the art products with SMT : Compact & reliable.
* Well proven technology from Gossen Metrawatt Camille Bauer, Germany / Switzerland.
* Meets requirements of International Standard IEC688 for accuracy
* Insulation level of 3.7kV/4kV.
* Impulse withstand voltage 5 kV.
* Higher load capacity : 750 Ohms at 20 mA.
* True RMS models (I21/V21).
* Self Powered models (I1X/V1X)
* Mounting: DIN rail or Panel mounting. Easy “onsite” conversion.
* Response time < 300 mS standard, < 50mS optional.
* Mounting position : Any
* Electrical isolation between all transducer connections.
* Terminal connection: Electricians delight. Even suitable for multistrand or solid wire connection. Large space for lopping of wires.
* Housing : Polycarbonate, Flammability class V-0 acc to UL94, conforming to V0 grade of UL 94.(Self extinguishing, non drip)
* Accuracy class 0.5 as per IEC 688, (I22 & V22 class 0.2.)
* Output short circuit & open circuit proof.
* Option of SMPS supply for wide range of AC / DC supply available.
* Operating temperature - 10 to +55º C.& Storage temperature - 40 to +70º C.
* Optional dual output (accuracy class 0.5 only)