Active or Reactive Transducer  - P11

Active or Reactive Transducer - P11


The transducer RISH Ducer P11 converts to active or reactive power of a single-phase AC or three-phase system with balanced or unbalanced loads. The output signal is proportional to the measured value of the active or reactive power and is either a load-independent DC current or a load-independent DC voltage.
Input and output are electrically isolated from each other. The output is ungrounded, short and open-circuit proof and may be operated for any length of time in the open and shorted states.
The output signal is limited to approx. 1.3 x IAN
The unit is designed to withstand impulse voltages to IEC and ANSI/IEEE regulations.
Features / Benefits
* Measuring inputs: Sine or distorted wave  - forms of nominal input currents and nominal input voltages
Measured variable

Nominal input


Nominal input




0.01 to 10 A 10 to 660 V







* Measuring output : DC current signal (load-independent) or DC voltage signal (load-independent)

* Measuring principle : TDM system (Time Division Multiplexing - pulse duration modulation)
1/2/3 wattmeter method
Narrow housing, 70 mm / Saves space and therefore costs
Snaps onto a DIN rail or screws onto a wall or panel/ Adaptable to the circumstances at the place of installation
Manufactured in SMD technology / Compact and reliable
Screw terminals suitable for multistrand or solid wires / Easy wiring without problems
Two isolated outputs ( Optional) 
Electric isolation between output 1 and output 2 is 500V.