Programable Multifunction Transducer - Mxx Series


The RISH Ducer MXX series of multi-transducers simultaneously measure several variables of an electric power system and process them to produce 2 or 3 or 4 analogue output signals. 2 or 4 digital outputs are available for signaling limits or power metering. For two of the limit outputs up to 3 measurands can be logically combined.
The multi - transducers are also equipped with a serial RS 232 interface to which a PC with the corresponding software can be connected for programming or accessing & executing useful ancillary functions. The usual modes of connection, the types of measured variables, their ratings, the transfer characteristic for each output etc. are the main parameters that have to be programmed.
Ancillary functions include a power system check, provision for displaying the measured variable on a PC monitor, the simulation of the outputs for test purposes and a facility for printing nameplates.
Unique Features
* For all heavy-current power system variables
* Up to 6 outputs (2A + 4D or 4A + 2D or 2A or 3A)
* Input voltage up to 693 V (phase-to-phase)
* Universal analogue outputs (programmable)
* Simultaneous measurement of several variables of a heavy current power system / full supervision of an asymmetrically loaded four-wire power system, rated current 1 to 6 A, rated voltage 57 to 400 V(phase to neutral) or 100 to 693 V (phase-to phase)
* High accuracy: U/I 0.2%, Frequency 0.15% and P 0.25% (Under reference conditions)
* Universal digital outputs (meter transmitter, limits)
* Up to 2 or 4 integrated power meters.
* AC/DC power supply/universal (24-80V AC/DC or 85-230V AC/DC)
* Provision for either snapping the transducer onto top - hat rails or securing it with screws to a wall or panel
* Windows software with password protection for programming, data analysis, power system status simulation, acquisition of meter data and making settings.