Passive DC Signal Isolator Rish ducer TI807 (1,2,3 Channel)


The signal isolator RISH Ducer TI 807 serves to electrically insulate the analogue DC signal in the range 0...20 mA which depending on version is then converted to a current or voltage signal (0...20 mA or 0...10 V). It operates passively and does not require a separate power supply, but derives the little auxiliary energy it needs from the DC signal.
Features / Benefits
* Electrically insulated analogue DC signals 0...20mA / prevents the transfer of interference voltages and currents. Solves grounding Problems in meshed signal networks
Highly accurate / performs its isolating function with negligible transmission error
No power supply needed / Saves wiring costs and is easy to install in existing plants.
Snaps onto a DIN rail or screws onto a wall or panel / adaptable to the circumstances at the place of installation
Compact and narrow, Housing only 17.5 mm wide / Low space requirement, high packing density. 27 devices fit into a 19" rack