Configurable Transmitter Rish ducer PT602


The transmitter RISH Ducer PT 602 Converts the input variable-a signal from a resistance thermometer Pt 100- to a temperature linear output signal.
The analogue output signal is either an impressed current or superimposed voltage which is processed by other devices for purposes of displaying, recording and / or regulating a constant.
Versions are available for two, three or four - wire connection.
DIP switches are provided for the coarse setting of the measuring range and the fine adjustment is accomplished using the potentiometers.
Red LED's signal an open or short-circuit feeler. In both cases, the output signal adopts its maximum value.
In the case of an current output, provision is made for switching between 0... 20 mA and 4... 20 mA.
The transmitter fulfill all the important requirements and regulations concerning electromagnetic compatibility EMS & safety ( IEC 1010 resp. EN 61 010). It was developed & is manufactured & tested in strict accordance with the quality assurance standard & ISO 9001
Features / Benefits
* Measuring ranges configurable with DIP switch and potentiometer
* Non - Standard user - specific ranges available
* Red LED's indicator : an open or short - circuit.
* Electric isolation between input & output 2.3 kV and power supply & all other circuits 3.7 kV - Fulfils EN 61 010.
* Universal (DC / AC) power supply.
* Provision for either snapping the transmitter onto top-hat rails or securing it with screws to a wall or panel.
* Housing only 17.5 mm wide (size S17) / low space requirement