At present, more and more PC computers operating in industrial computer based systems are equipped only with a USB (Universal Serial Bus) serial interface. This interface serves to communicate with other computers and devices in the framework of the USB network.
The PD12 converter is a device enabling, in a very easy way, to create the connection between the USB and the RS-232 port, ensuring simultaneously between them the galvanic separation. The USB interface is destined to communicate with the computer; however the RS-232 interface is destined to communicate with devices in the object side. The maximal baud rate is 921.6 kb/s.
The converter does not interfere in the structure of transmitted data and is compatible with a lot of industrial communication protocols, i.e. MODBUS RTU, MODBUS ASCII, and the like.
A programmed controller of the network serial port for the master system computer is added to the set. It allows supervising programs to exchange data with industrial objects via the PD12 converter.