Why Work At Rishabh

Careers are made at Rishabh.

Everyone makes a difference.
We strive to give our best day’s work, and by going the extra mile we try to make the most mundane job into something that not only gives us some personal satisfaction but makes a difference in those that we come contact with. We try to doing common things uncommonly well. Whether you’re analytical or creative, tech savvy or insightful, there’s a place to share your talents while you learn, develop, and inspire.

Rewrite rules.
We do not create rules based on experiences and operate by them, because thats how we are likely to fail. But we try to operate by first principles, the basic laws of physics and economics, which makes us more likely to succeed eventually. And when we do, others follow.

Create Technology.
We are people who love technology. The future depends on what we do in the present. We believe that tomorrow will never be what it is supposed to be, and try to constantly to re-invent our ideas, approach and methods. Our dedicated focus on Research and Development has empowered us to innovate.

Grow horizontally as well as vertically.
At Rishabh, we try to make sure that people grow with the company. People not only are promoted in their own verticals but also get to switch their departments. Careers are made at Rishabh.

Work in the Global village.
Luggage & traveling is not left for the holidays. As the world is shrinking, our people aspire to have breakfast in Nashik, lunch in Mumbai and dinner in Frankfurt. Work will expose and take you places unheard of.

Diversity at its best.
Age, gender, religion, seniority, preferences doesn't matter when it come to logic. Why should it? Our employees are the most varied group of people as individuals but they all fit-in like a jigsaw puzzle when it come to work. The whole always remains greater than the sum of parts.

A home like office.
Our corporate campuses make you feel at home and co-workers become family. The work environment is designed to bring out the best in you. At Rishabh you will innovate, invent, and tinker over problems and processes that matter to the world.

We Care.
From maternity and medical benefits to paid leaves and insurance programs, all is taken care of. Our annual Ganesh Chaturti event is one of many celebratory occasions our people look forward to. We even worry about your children's education and match tuition gifts accordingly/p>

We believe that life is a process of continuous learning and growth happens only when we try to do something beyond what we have already mastered. This is what you will see at work every day. By Internal knowledge sharing or external speakers, we keep learning.