What we look for

We have a problem when everyone agrees. Progress only happens with debate, arguments, and discussion. Bouncing ideas & suggestions is what a meeting at Rishabh is. You don't fit if you are apprehensive about raising relevant points no matter how tangential they are.

It’s not a matter of eyes to see things differently.

Will is powerful. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. We think that we can go as far as our mind lets us. What is believed, can be achieved. Its lack of will which really differentiates someone. Not lack of knowledge or lack of skill.

Problem Solvers.
We love problems! How to improve the manufacturing time of a process? Or How the keep the cost of product under check without compromising quality? How to make it work? And is it the best way to do it? are some of the many questions we try to answer everyday. So if you have the right problem solving attitude then we would love to have you.

Team Players.
Its not my job never works. Our people come from varied backgrounds to work together under one roof. Collaborating and working together helps us fulfill each others deficiency to always keep the whole greater than the sum of parts.

Be Inspired.
Co-workers always try to motivate themselves to do things, they are motivated to do things they could have never done before. 'A' player attract 'A' and we try to keep our team full of them. We like people who not only look and admire the stars but climb the mountain and grab them.

The concrete support system at Rishabh helps overcome problems, both professional or personal. We keep an atmosphere where whether its a medical emergency or your daughters wedding, you can always reach out to your co-workers. We stay together - time may be good or bad.

Results drive your car.
Nothing better proves your competency than result. We practice a result oriented approach towards reporting and review believing, ideas are dime a dozen, execution is what really matters. But also the opposition encountered and the courage shown to struggle against the overwhelming odds are equally assessed.

Integrity is non-negotiable.
Integrity is one of the foundation Rishabh is built on and we want our people to understand and embrace our philosophy. This corporate culture has been honed by decades of leadership and our founders Jain philosophical beliefs and ensures our long term sustainability.

Seems like someone like you, then look for our Openings here.