What We buy

"If we can't buy quality, then we can't deliver quality"








Active devices: semiconductors , crystals , microcontrollers, relays

Passive devices: Inductors , capacitors , resistors, sensors ,protection devices  etc., Printed Circuit Boards (multi layer), fuses, Displays ( LCD , LED ) and other surface mount parts.




Mechanical parts.

Basic raw material -  Engineering Plastic, Metals including Nonferrous–Copper Wires , Aluminum sheets , Nickel laminations, Brass, Manganin, Glass, Bi-metal, Engineering steel - CRGO/ CRNO


Processed material.

Turned and press parts, extruded parts, assembled parts, precision hair springs, pivots, taut band strips, packaging



Current transformers , PTFE / PVC / SILICON wires , switches


Standard parts & Fastners


Customized parts

Labels, Paper, Polyester, Printing, Inks , Paints

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