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Digital Current Monitoring Relay Digital Line Monitoring Relay Digital Earth Leakage Relay (96 x 96 mm & DIN Rail)
RISH Relay - AR RISH Relay - VR RISH Relay - PHR
RISH Xmer Split Core CT's RISH X'mer Series Square type CTs RISH Protection class CTs
RISH RESIN CAST METERING CT Nano 3 phase CT 3 Phase RJ12 Current Transformer
Rish Shunts
RISH CAM Switches RISH Cam TNC Series RISH Cam Spring Return Series
Rish Cam Reverse Forward Switch
Power Factor meter 90deg (LF) Power meter 90deg (LM) Moving Iron meter AC ammeters and voltmeters 90deg(DE)
Power Factor meter 240deg (LFL) Moving Coil meter AC ammeters and voltmeters with rectifier 240deg (DGL) Moving Coil meter DC ammeters and voltmeters 90deg(DS)
Moving Coil meter AC ammeters and voltmeters with rectifier 90deg (DG) Frequency meter 90deg (FM) Moving Coil meter DC ammeters and voltmeters 240deg (DSL)
Frequency meter 240deg (FML) Power meter 240deg (LML) Maximum Demand Ammeters (BM & EB)
Dual Moving Iron AC meters (DE 2 in 1) Dual Moving Coil DC meters (DS 2 in 1) Dual Frequency meters (FM 2 in 1)
Moving iron selector switch meter Vibrating Reed frequency meter (FQ) Synchroscope (SQ)
Rish Vista. Anush Series meters. DIN rail Moving Iron meter (EQ,PQ,ZQ 35)
4 digit Power & Power Factor DPM (96x96) 4 digit Power & Power Factor DPM (72x144) 4 1/2 digit 1" display AC Ammeter/Volt Meter -Rish DPM ACx (72x144)
4 1/2 digit DC Ammeter/Volt Meter - Rish DPM xDC (48x96/96x96) 4 1/2 digit 1" display DC Ammeter/Volt Meter - Rish xDC (72x144) N25 Series
N30 Series NA3 (Bargraph) Rish EINE
4 digit fully programmable AC Ammeter/Voltmeter - PGDx / PGD3x (48x96/96x96) Rish Eine+ RISH DPM Hz
RISH Master 3480 - Touch Screen Graphics LCD Rish Delta VAF Rish Delta Power
Rish Delta Energy RISH EM 2340DS RISH EM 1320/30/40
Electronic Energy Meter - EM3490SS Counter type Energy Meter - EM3490 Dual Source Energy Meter - EM3490DS
Rish Master 3430 Rish Master 3440 RS485 to USB converter
RS485 to RS232 Converter DC Energy Meter - Rish EM DC Touch Screen - Rish Master 3430i
Touch Screen - Rish Master 3440i Touch Screen - Rish DMCi Touch Screen - Rish EM 3490DSi
ND30PNET RISH LM 1360 / 1350 -Load Manager Touch Screen - Rish Master 3440i / Rish Master 3440iDL : Class 0.2s
Rish Master 3440 - Class 0.2s
Rish Elite Series 36 / 72 / 120 W
Current/Voltage Transducer - Con I/Con V Frequency Transducer Rish Con Hz Current / Voltage Transducer Rish CON CA / CON CV
Current / Voltage Transducer Rish CON CA / CON CV (TRMS) Power Transducer Rish Con P Programable Multifunction Transducer - Mxx Series
Programable Multifunction Transducer - M40/M30 Programable Multifunction Transducer - M01 (Modbus Communication) Current/Voltage Transducer - E13 (3 Channel)
P18 Multi Transducer - Rish CON M Rish CT Ducer
Rish CON SI 101 - Powerful DC Signal Isolator Programmable Tap position transducer Rish CON TPT RISH CON SI-102 (Dual output DC isolator )
Programmable Universal Transmitter Rish ducer V604 Configurable Transmitter Rish ducer PT602 Isolating Amplifier Rish ducer TV808
P17 P17G P20H
RISH PI-102 Rish CON TPT (96 X 96) RISH PI-101
Power Quality Monitor Rish PQA
Rish Flex - e 15xxA Rish Flex - e 30xxA Rish Flex - e 45xxA
Rish Flex - e 60xxA Rish Flex - e 9024B (2 Phase) Rish Flex - e 17024B (2 Phase)
Rish Flex - e 17024A (1 Phase)
PD22 Paperless Recorder KD7 Paperless Recorder KD8
Digital Panel Recorder N30B
RE70 RE55 RE22
RE71 RE81 RE72
RE82 RE57, RE77 & RE96 RE62 – DIN Mount Controller
Temperature Controller - RE56
PD51 PD10 PD8
Rish MIT30 Rish Max 10 Rishmulti 12 S
Rishmulti 13 S Rishmulti 14 S Rishmulti 15 S
Rishmulti 16 S Rishmulti 18 S Rishmulti SI 232
Rishmulti 20 Rish Clip-ON CT's RISHABH 410
RISHABH 6015 RISHABH 6016 Rishabh Young / Rishabh iYoung
RISH Clamp 1000A/300A AC/DC Rish Clamp 300/1000A AC RISH Clamp Power 1000A/400A AC/DC
RishMit 30 Rish Insu-10 Battery Operated Rish Insu-20 Battery Operated (optional mains operated)
Rish Insu 5000 A/AK/M/R Rish Insu 5Dx Low Voltage Polycarbonat Body Insulation Tester
Rish Energy Management System (EMS)
Programming Cable PRKAB 600 marc Configuration Utility Test Leads
RI 303 AMF RI 301 ATS RI 302 G