Polycarbonate housing having UL 94 V-0
All Rishabh meters are housed in robust case with classical finish. The case is made of polycarbonate, which is flame retardant and non-drip and confirms to international regulations UL 94 V-0. Polycarbonate is a very tough and light weight engineering plastic material which has got the best mechanical properties very close to a metallic housing. It is 10% glass filled, glass fibers give it extra toughness.
Description of Challenger series meter
The Challenger range of Analog Panel meters offer accurate measurement and indication of most electrical and electronic parameters in industry standard 1½”, 2½”, 3½” and 4½”case sizes. This innovative design features a detachable lower fascia plate which allows the flexibility of either surface or window mounting. The fascia is simply unclipped to achieve the completely flush panel appearance of panel window mounting. The range offers AC and DC Ammeters, Voltmeters and frequency meters utilizing a high torque scale value and features a rear zero adjuster screw for tamperproof installation. AC moving iron meters provides high accuracy true RMS measurement of 1.5%.
  • Measuring and indication of AC amps, volts, frequency and DC signals.
  • Surface or window mounting.
  • Rear zero adjuster on moving coil meters.
  • High torque pivot and jewel movement.
  • True RMS measurement meters.
  • AC and DC inputs.
  • Up to 40A DC direct connected.
  • Up to 50A AC direct connected.(Not applicable for model 361)
  • AC moving iron and moving coil mechanisms.
  • Reduced inventory.
  • ANSI standard case sizes.
  • Detachable lower fascia plate.
  • Easy to modify for distributions.