AET 23 Smart Digital Earth Tester

AET 23 Smart Digital Earth Tester


The Agam earth tester, AET 23 is capable of performing measurements of both earth resistance in ohms and also calculates AC earth voltage from 0-200V.Earth resistance testing can be performed across three ranges: 0-20 Ohms , 0-200 Ohms and 0-2000 Ohms. Very simple to use, simply make the connections necessary turn the rotary dial to the procedure you want and hit the testing button.To make testing easier the AET 23 is equipped with limited built-in memory that can store up to 20 testing results. A data hold function is also available that will temporarily store the last value taken but will not store the result in memory.This earth resistance tester is also suitable for use on both 50Hz and 60Hz frequencies, comes with a 2000 count backlit LCD display, is manual ranging and includes double insulation protection to ensure safety at

Features & Benefits

  • Measurements of earth resistance across three ranges: 0-20 Ohms, 0-200 Ohms and 0-2000 Ohms: Wide range of Measurement with very fast response 
  • Measures AC earth voltage from 0-200V: Gives better idea on Safety 
  • 2000 count large-size LCD display with integrated backlight: Easy viewing in dark areas
  • Rotary dial testing selection and clearly labeled ports for V, E, P and C connections: Easy connections
  • Automatically powers off after ten minutes of inactivity  :Conserve battery life
  • Low battery indicator : Indicates Time to replace battery
  • Data hold function : Temporarily stores last value taken
  • Memory storage up to 20 records: Easy recall of readings
  • 2-wire and 3-wire testing procedures possible : Test method flexibility to the user


  • Industrial Earth Resistance Testing
  • Substation Earth Resistance Testing 
  • Earth Voltage Testing

Technical Specifications

Earth Resistance Ranges


0-20 Ohms

± (2%+10)

0-200 Ohms

± (2%+3)

0-2000 Ohms

± (2%+3)

AC Earth Voltage



± (1%+4)

Display Count