AIT 501 Smart 5KV Digital Insulation Tester

AIT 501 Smart 5KV Digital Insulation Tester


The Agam AIT 501 is the compact insulation resistance tester with diagnostic features like PI, DAR. When carrying out insulation resistance measurements this device uses test voltages of 500V, 1000V, 2500V and 5000V. At 500V this tester can carry out insulation resistance measurements from 1MOhms to 20GOhms, it carries out this measurement at 5MOhms to 1000GOhms. The tester can also be used to carry out AC/DC voltage measurements  and low resistance testing . The AIT 501 is an autoranging device and will automatically choose the applicable range depending on the test. It also includes a large, backlit LCD screen, auto power down function when left idle and includes a USB interface for using the tester to download data to PC. To accompany USB connectivity the AIT 501 also includes datalogging capabilities. When displaying testing results the AIT 501 uses both numerical and analogue bar graph representation of the test results. It also allows users to carry out comparisons, polarisation index calculations and dielectric absorption calculations. This insulation resistance tester is CAT III 600V, EN 61010-1 and EN 61326-1 compliant.. An ideal tool for Insulation testing designed smartly.


Features & Benefits
  • Robust unit : Ideal for portable testing
  • Test voltages of 500V, 1000V, 2500V and 5000V & Insulation Resistance measurement upto1 TOhm : To cater wide applications
  • Automatic Polarisation Index (PI), Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR): For diagnostic testing of Insulation
  • DC/AC voltage measurements to 600V : To check live voltages if any present in DUT
  • Autoranging insulation resistance tester : No need to select range manually
  • Auto shut down when left idle & Optional Operation on Mains via adapter: Ensures Battery saving
  • Datalogging capabilities and USB interface : For maintaining records & data analysis
  • Comparator Function:Pass/fail (Go-No-Go) test for the insulation measurements
  • Wide LCD with backlit screen, Analog bar graph (30 segment): For Easy, Comfortable and Accurate viewing


  • MV & LV Transformers
  • MV & LV Cables
  • MV & LV Motors, Generators
  • MV Switchgears & Panels



Test Voltages

500V, 1000V, 2500V, 5000V

Test Voltage Accuracy

0% to 20%

500V Range (Accuracy)

1MOhm to 20GOhm (± 3%+5)

1000V Range (Accuracy)

2MOhm to 40GOhm (± 3%+5)

2500V Range (Accuracy)

5MOhm to 100GOhm (± 3%+5)

5000V Range (Accuracy)

10MOhm to 1000GOhm (± 3%+5)

Short Circuit Current

1.8 mA

AC/ DC Voltage