Demand Measurement and Control
  • W, Var, VA and Current Demand
  • Controlling with any selected parameter
  • Selectable window type - Fixed or Sliding
  • Demand Period selectable from 1 to 60 minutes
  • Predictive Demand Control for faster controlling action even before completion of present demand interval
  • Demand Control with separate load shedding thresholds for each tariff zone
  • All Max Demand (W, VAr, VA & Current) parameters are stored with Date and Time stamp
  • OLD Max Demand Storage
Control Outputs
  • 4Relay Outputs for efficient Demand Control and Management
Measures & Monitors more than 80 parameters
  • All basic electrical parameters
  • Individual harmonics contents of per phase voltage and current.
  • Onsite programmable CT ratio & PT ratio and system configuration
  • Wide auxiliary power supply range 60-300VAC/DC
True RMS measurement
The instrument measures distorted waveform upto 56th Harmonic for 50Hz and upto 46th Harmonic for 60Hz
Power Quality Measurement
  • Measurable up to 56th (50Hz) harmonic on each phase. Maximum any 6 harmonics can be monitored simultaneously for each phase
  • Measurement of RMS value of fundamental and per phase voltage and current harmonics
  • (%) THD of per phase voltage and current
  • Distortion factor of individual harmonics
Real Time Clock (RTC)
Displays date and time
Run Hour, ON Hour, Number of Interruptions
Displays parameters for both mode utility and generator.
Graphical Analysis
  • Per phase individual harmonic bar graph representation
  • Real time vector representation of all 3 Phases for complete system analysis.
Energy 0.5S as per IEC 62053
  • Independent Import and Export energy counter
  • Active energy (kWh), Fundamental Reactive energy (kVArh)and Apparent energy (kVAh) measurement
  • Accuracy Class 0.5S as per IEC 62053-22, IEC62053-23
Time Of DAY (TOD / TOU)
  • Easy programmable tariff schedule
  • 4 seasons, 4 tariffs, 6 time zones per day, 4 types of days, 5 tariff energy register
  • Automatic daily profile storage for a one day, one month & one year
  • Cost per kWh calculation
Direct remote access via MODBUS
  • Remote access of measured and configuration parameters
  • User Assignable Registers for MODBUS
  • Programmable baud rates up to 38.4kbps
Custom color setting
User can assign individual colour for each phase as per the application requirement through display and MODBUS
Onsite programmable for user desired application
  • Onsite programmable input voltage (100VLL to 500 VLL), input current (1A or 5A) and system configuration (3 phase 4Wire (unbalanced) or 3phase 3Wire (unbalanced) network).
  • Onsite programmable CT ratio & PT ratio.
  • Wide auxiliary power supply range 60-300VAC/DC.
Old Register
This register holds the value before the last reset . The old value will be available when scrolled through screen.
Compliance to International Safety standards
compliance to International Safety standard IEC 61010-1-2010
EMC Compatibility
Compliance to International standard IEC 61326.