Dual Source Energy Measurements

  • Separate energy calculations for utility and generator.
  • Forwarded energy calculations in case of current reversal.

Direct Cost calculations

  • Separate direct cost calculations for utility and generator.
  • Cycle wise Bar Graph representation of Generator Energy Consumption

Power Quality Measurement

  • Measurable up to 56th (50Hz) / 46th (60Hz) harmonic on each phase. Maximum any 6 harmonics can be monitored simultaneously for each phase.
  • Measurement of RMS value of fundamental and per phase voltage and current harmonics.
  • (%) THD of per phase voltage and current
  • Distortion factor of individual harmonics.

Graphical Analysis

  • Per phase individual harmonic bar graph representation.
  • Real time vector representation of all 3 Phases for complete system analysis.

Energy class 0.5S as per IEC 62053

  • Active energy (kWh), Fundamental Reactive energy (kVArh) & Apparent energy (kVAh) measurement.
  • Accuracy as per IEC 62053-22, IEC62053-23
  • Impulse for energy verification

Onsite programmable for user desired application

  • Onsite programmable input voltage (100VLL to 500 VLL), input current (1A or 5A) and system configuration (3 phase 4Wire (unbalanced) or 3phase 3Wire (unbalanced) network).
  • Onsite programmable CT ratio & PT ratio.
  • Wide auxiliary power supply range 60-300VAC/DC.


Run Hour, ON Hour, Number of Interruptions

Displays parameters for both mode utility and generator.

Old Register

This register holds the value before the last reset . The old value will be available when scrolled through screen.

Time Of DAY (TOD / TOU)

  • Easy programmable tariff schedule
  • 4 seasons, 4 tariff energy registers
  • 4 types of days and 6 time zones per day
  • Automatic daily profile storage for a one day& one month
  • Cost per kWh calculation
  • Configurable billing date for monthly billing

Event Logging

  • Generator Start / Stop Event logging with Date and Time stamping up to 20 events.
  • Max Demand (W, VAr, VA and Current) storage with Date and Time stamping of last event.

ACCL(Auto Connect Current Limit)

  • Current limiter with auto connect feature.
  • User programmable autoconnect cycles.
  • Connect time 3 sec. and disconnect time 8 sec. and hysteresis 2%

Custom color setting

  • User can assign individual colour for each phase as per the
  • application requirement through display and MODBUS.

Phase sequence detection

Incorrect phase sequence indication or phase failure indication on any of the input voltages.

Direct remote access via MODBUS

  • Remote access of measured and configuration parameters.
  • User Assignable Registers for MODBUS.
  • Programmable baud rates up to 38.4kbps.

Optional Pulse Relay Output

  • Potential free, very fast acting relay contact
  • Configurable as pulse output which can be used to drive an external counter for energy measurement.
  • Optional pulse output one for Utility and another for Generator.

Compliance to International Safety standards

Compliance to International Safety standard IEC 61010-1-2010

EMC Compatibility

Compliance to International standard IEC 61326.