RiSH PQA measurement as per EN50160
  • Voltage Swell & Dip Detection.
  • Voltage Variation Detection.
  • Detection of Voltage Interruptions.
  • Unbalance Detection & Measurements.
  • Frequency Variation Measurement.
  • Per Phase Individual Harmonic Measurement as per IEC 61000-4-7 up to 63rd harmonic, Group and Sub-Group Harmonics Measurement
  • Individual, Group and Sub-Group Inter-Harmonics Detection & Measurement.
  • Thresholds as per EN50160 or user selectable thresholds.
  • %THD of per Phase Voltage & Current.
  • Measurement of RMS Value of Harmonics.
  • Time Stamping for Power Quality Disturbances.
 Touch Screen
  • 5" TFT Touch Screen Graphical  Display with  480x272 pixels resolution
  • Measures all basic electrical parameters like Voltage, Current, Power, Demand and Energy.
  • TRMS Voltage & Current Measurement over 10 cycles for 50Hz and 12 cycles for 60Hz  as per power quality requirement.
  •  Crest Factor ,Neutral Current and Earth to Neutral Voltage (EN) Measurement
  • All system related parameters are displayed
  • Shows Minimum and Maximum System Voltage and System current.
  •  % THD & % TID Measurement of per Phase Voltage & Current
  • Shows Voltage and Current amplitudes of 4 user-settable frequencies
  • Signed & Unsigned Power Measurement
  • % THD & % TID Measurement of per Phase Voltage & Current
  •  Shows Voltage and Current amplitudes of 4 user-settable frequencies
  •  Signed & Unsigned Power Measurement
Power & Energy
  • Active ,Reactive & Apparent Power and Energy Measurement
  • Independent Import & Export Energy Counter
  • Active, Reactive, Apparent demand, Current demand measurement
  •  User selectable  demand interval
  • Shows %Unbalance of Voltage and Current
  • Shows %Imbalance of Voltage and Current
  • Display of parameters readings in large fonts.
  • 5 User assignable screens with 4 parameters on each screen
  • 20 different user settable parameters
  • Harmonics measurement as per IEC 61000-4-7 Class II
  • Per Phase Voltage, Current & Power Bar Graph Representation of up to 63rd Harmonic.
  • Display of  Even , Odd  and total Harmonic distortions.
  • Harmonics, Inter-Harmonics grouping and sub grouping representation.
  • List of above Components with magnitude & scaled to % of fundamental component.
  • Zoom function for easy analysis of each Harmonic Component
  • Real Time Representations of Three Phase Voltage and Current Waveform
  •  Cursor for easy analysis
  •  User configurable colors for each channel.
  •  Phase selection is user programmable for any three phases.
Phasor Diagram
  • Complete Three Phase System overview at a glance for System analysis.
  •  Display of per Phase Vrms & Irms.
  •  Phase Angle of all Phases.
  • Recording of parameters as per EN50160 or as per user defined thresholds
  • Time Based recording offers automatic start & stop of recording without manual intervention.
  • Comprehensive Setup Summery view to display thresholds & setting set for recording. 
  • Unique recording mode allows user to select recording mode as per user application.
  • Display & Analysis of recorded events like Dips, Swells & Interruptions.
  • Event details in the form of list.
  • Display of RMS Values of Voltage & Current at recorded Events.
  • Display of Waveforms of Voltage, Current on Event occurrence with pre post cycles
  • Graphical Trend Representation of parameters.
  • Display of Values with Time Stamp.
  • Zoom Function.
  • Display of the live status of the measurement and event parameters while the recording is in process 
  • During recording if any new event occurs it is indicated by the red colour.
  • Display of the live status of the measurement and event parameters while the recording is in process
  • Automatic Report Generation as per EN50160 thresholds or user defined thresholds.
  • Graphical View of EN50160 report for easy analysis.
  • User Configurable Status Window. 
  • Color coded representation of configured parameter to locate the source and pin point root cause of Power Quality disturbance.
  • System Config is used to select Wiring configuration, CT / PT values & Recording mode as per user need.
  • Local settings allows user to set display and communication related parameters. 
  • Setup Summary give details about RISH PQA i.e. Model No, Wiring, CT/PT etc.