Partnership Manufacturing


Your manufactruing partner for sub-assemblies 

& complete products

Our facilities in India and Poland, which technologically at par with the evolving market are equipped to cater your most stringent manufacturing needs. With over two decade of experience in manufacturing, sourcing, and cost reduction, Rishabh’s vertically integrated setup has been a logical alternative for many global companies. Rishabh itself being a manufacturer, understands businesses better, stays on top of the latest technologies and has proven methods of cost control. 


"We make it our goal to make your business as profitable as possible and operate by only one philosophy - when our partners survive, we survive."


Mr. Naigaonkar    

General Manager of Operations    


We work with our partners by manufacturing sub-assemblies and complete products in electrical, electronic, and electro-mechanical domain, though, we are always open for new verticals of possibilities. 
Our end-to-end solutions from design & development to manufacture of tooling and from sourcing of components to BOM conversion and materials management are valued by our customers. Integrity is an integral part of our system, that why our partners trust us with their technological know-how. 
Some of our successful collaborations have been in manufacturing of Meter movements, Complete analog/digital meters, Multilayer SMT PCB assemblies, Digital meters sub-assemblies, Transformer cores, Coil windings, Small transformers, Punched metal components & Plastics injection moulding components. 

Rishabh regularly deals with UL, CE, CSA, ANSI, ASTA, IEC, ISI, GOST certifications, standards, and approvals. Our procurement also complies with RoHS environmental standards.



Why take this path?
Globalization has made the world smaller and as we explore the 21st century, outsourcing makes complete economic sense for the 21st generation companies. 
It brings focus, it brings value, it brings leanness to your organization. You cannot do todays job with yesterdays method and be in business tomorrow.



It's not outsourcing, It's partnership!

Why come to India?
India’s 1.1 billion young English speaking skilled and diverse population can bring added value to your business. Apart from the classical benefits of low-cost manufacturing and increase in bottom line the real benefit lies in our culture of ingenuity. This is the reason most MNC’s have their Research centers in India. Its time you invest in our human capital.
Rishabh’s has been at the forefront of innovation. Dhurv, our dedicated R&D center can support your business by providing solutions right from the inceptional product design, development to complete manufacturing.


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