The RISH Shunts are available from 1A upto 3000A with an accuracy of 0.5% & 1%. Standard voltage drop is 50mV, 60mV, 75mV & 150mV. Intermediate current ratings, other voltage outputs, better accuracy and purpose built shunts can be supplied.
Shunts provide an accurate DC milli volt signal to drive ammeter indicators, overload protection and control devices, especially for higher amperage. It supplies Voltage drop proportional to the DC current which is measured and indicated by a moving-coil milli voltmeter with the dial calibrated in Amps.
Operating principle
A current passing through the Shunt produces a proportional voltage drop. A moving coil instrument connected to shunt measures the voltage drop across the shunt terminals.Shunts are calibrated in such a way that they produce an accurately defined voltage drop (50mV, 60mV, 75mV and 150mV).
General Data
* Form A – Insulated base (made of polycarbonate material) mounted shunts manufactured from Manganin material clamping to DIN mounting rail or wall mounting (up to 30A) and without insulating base (31 to 150A).
Form B – L profile end blocks of high conductivity Brass material.
Climatic suitability – Climatic Class 3 acc to VDE/VDI 3540
Operating temperature range :  -10…+55 ºC
Relative Humidity : ≤ 75% annual average, non-condensing.