By pressing the HOLD/ON key, the currently displayed measurement value can be held and “HOLD” is simultaneously displayed.
Relative measurement (REL)
By pressing the REL key, the zero correction is made and Relative Value is measured. All functions can measure Relative Value except Hz/Duty, Diode, Continuity and °C functions.
Automatic/manual measuring range selection
The measurement functions are chosen with the rotary selector switch. The measuring range is automatically adjusted to the measurement value. The measuring range can also be manually selected with the AUTO/MAN button.
Note: For Temperature (°C), Frequency (Hz), Duty cycle (%) and Capacitance (F) measuring range is AUTO. No Manual range selection is possible.
Temperature Measurement
Rish Max - 10 allows you to measure temperature with “K” type Thermocouple (NiCr - Ni) sensor in the range from 0 °C to +1300 °C.
Diode and continuity testing
This provides for the testing of the polarity of diodes, as well as inspection for short-circuits and circuit interruptions. In addition to the display, resistances of less than 100 Ohm  (approx.) are indicated with an acoustic signal.
Overload warning
An acoustic signal occurs when measuring AC voltage>750V, DC Voltage>1000V, AC/DC mA current>400.0mA, AC/DC current>10.00A.
Energy saving circuit
The instrument is switched off automatically, if none of the operating elements have been activated for about 15 minutes.
Protective cover for rough operating conditions
A protective cover of ABS with a built-in stand protects the instrument against jolts and falls. It also secures the test probe for one-hand operation, and allows for winding of the measurement cable which provides protection during transport.
Theft protection
Company name and name of the user can be entered into the field next to the display with an indelible etching needle for identification of the owner.

           * Direct and alternating voltages from 100 µV ... 1000V

           * Direct and alternating currents from 10 µA ... 10.00A

           * Resistances from 100mOhm ... 40.00MOhm with zero correction

           * Capacitance from 1pF... 200.00µF with zero correction.

           * Frequencies from 10.00Hz ... 500.0kHz

           * Diode measurement and continuity testing

           * Hold measurement

           * Relative measurement

           * Duty cycle (%) measurement

           * Temperature measurement with K type Thermocouple