The Rishabh Reverse Power Protector provides continuous surveillance for a.c. generators operating in parallel or for boosting mains supplies.
On site adjustment of the trip point and time delay ensures accurate protection against “motoring’ in the event of engine failure and prevents tripping from surges during synchonising.
  • Generator Set Protection - For detecting loss of the prime mover ( engine ) and preventing motoring.
  • Feeder protection - To detect reverse power under fault conditions.
  • Adjustable set point
  • Adjustable time delay
  • LED trip indication
  • 2 pole relay contacts
  • Internal Differential (factory settable only)
  • Auto Reset
Principle of Operation
The generator voltage provides the power supply for the relay energising circuit and phase reference for the phase sensitive detector. Current reference to the detector is taken from generator load current
The output from the detector is compared with a reference which is set by the trip set point potentiometer. When the set point value is exceeded an electronic trip operator to energise the relay circuit though an adjustable time delay.