Low Back Depth:
The instrument has very low back depth (behind the panel) of less than 40 mm.
Rescalable Display range:
The meter is completely programmable and user can easily scale the values as per his requirements onfield. Setting for ‘-ve’ sign and decimal point position is also provided.
Function keys:
Using 2 function keys it becomes easy and convenient for user to program the meter without any difficulty.
Bent Characteristics:
The meter supports bent characteristics. Hence user can configure the meter as per requirement.
Power Factor Display:
The meter can be configured to display power factor also.
Ambient Temperature Indication:
The meter gives an accurate indication of the ambient temperature in °C and °F.
Auxillary Supply:
A wide Auxillary supply range of 40-300V AC-DC is supported.
4 Full digits Ultra Bright LED display:
14mm full range display possible of 4 digits having maximum count - 9999.
Wide Input Range:
Wide range of voltages and currents to choose from.
Enclosure Protection for dust and water:
Conforms to IP 50 (front face) as per IEC 60529.
Compliance to International Safety standards:
Compliance to International Safety standard IEC 61010-1- 2010.
EMC Compatibility:
Compliance to International standard IEC 61326 Class B.