Overview :
The 6013 new multimeter is made for professional use that offers safety, high resolution, large range count,reliability, ruggedness, a complete tool for test automation and is equipped with Direct current measurement upto 16A & many different measuring functions along-with option of plug and play USB for connection with PC

Features :
True RMS Digital Multimeter

  • Plug and Play USB connectivity with PC
  • GO-NO-GO function
  • 1kHz Low Pass Filter mode
  • Temperature measurement with J, K sensors
  • External power adapter for long hours of measurements
  • Current measurement through external Clamps
  • Conductance Measurement
  • Frequency / Time Period Measurement
  • Direct current measurement upto 16A

Tool for automation, USB 2.0 Interface application
With ready to use communication protocol and plug and play USB 2.0 add-on device, one can easily automate his test system. The extensive data capturing and analysis is possible with DMM software. With vast functionality and editable report settings DMM software is a real help for easy report generation and analysis of a device under test.

Low pass filter(LPF) in VAC10MΩ& VAC1MΩ
A selectable 1kHz low pass filter offers advanced variable frequency drive filtering to help you accurately analyze nontraditional sine waves and noisy signals. In LPF mode DMM rejects all high frequency noise making it suitable for making measurements on inverters and high frequency drives.

Low input impedance (Ri = 1MΩ)
Trouble shooting a branch circuit with dead or disconnected circuit is made easy with VAC1MΩ. Low impedance VAC1MΩ measurement helps eliminating error readings resulting from ghost voltages caused by long wires that share a common

Current measurement with clamp sensor
Measurement with various clamp sensors is possible, which helps in accurate measurement of current upto 6000A without interrupting the circuit. The measured current is automatically calculated from the selected clamp ratio.

True RMS measurement with high crest factors
Accurate true RMS measurement of distorted waveform with crest factor CF between 1 to 10.

Adjustable Beep Level
With Beep level setting, the limit for continuity can be adjusted from 10Ω to 90Ω depending upon application.

Room temperature measurement
Room temperature can be sensed and measured without any external sensor. The same is used as internal reference temperature in thermocouple based temperature Measurements

60mv & 600mV DC & ACDC
This helps in accurate measurement of low output voltages <600mV from sensors & transmitters. High frequency low voltage signal from RF transmitters can also be measured. Signal as low as 0.001mV can be measured accurately.

External Power Adapter (DC Jack)
The external power supply adapter helps in conserving battery while performing long hours of measurements. When DC jack is connected batteries inside DMM are electronically disconnected, and reconnected in absence of mains, hence there is no need of removing the battery when using the power adapter.

10kHz Bandwidth
Alternating voltages with frequencies up to 10kHz can be measured accurately. This is useful while analyzing high frequency analog signals.

Fully programmable GO NO-GO
The Go - NoGo function gives an indication through a buzzer for the applied input lying inside or outside the set band. The values for low limit, high limit and buzzer condition can beeasily set through NoGo function in menu settings. Once the NoGo function is set, user can get busy doing other activities in the vicinity of the meter, whenever the condition is met it will be indicated by a buzzer. It eliminates the need of operator to continuously monitor the display.

True RMS measurement with high crest factors
Accurate true RMS measurement of distorted waveform with crest factor CF between 1 to 10.

Auto Power OFF with adjustable timing
Flexibility to adjust “Auto off ” period from 5 minutes to 60 Minutes.

Min / Max / Avg measurement
Min/Max/Avg function records the minimum, maximum and average of all the readings applied since its activation.With dual display it makes it even flexible for the user to keep the trace of the applied readings while viewing Min/Max/Avg readings. The average reading is useful for smoothing out unstable inputs,& verifying circuit Performance.

Self battery voltage measurement
Capable of measuring self battery voltage.

Dangerous Contact Voltage Indication
Presence of hazardous voltage (>35Vrms 50/60Hz and 50Vdc) at the contact terminal are indicated on display. This is very useful while performing measurements in the circuit which takes longer time to discharge its capacitors, or where unexpected danger voltage are present.

Dedicated keys for easy navigation
Dedicated navigation keys makes scrolling through menu and setting of parameters easy & comfortable.

Rishabh Datalogger is a measurement data logging program for recording, visualizing, evaluating and documenting measured values with reference to time for Model 6012, Model 6013, Model 6015 & Model 6016. It can also be used to configure the parameters of multimeter.As a rule, the PC and the measuring instrument communicate via a virtual COM port being assigned to an USB interface. It makes your DMM an amazing automation tool.