4 1/2 digit 1

4 1/2 digit 1" display AC Ammeter/Volt Meter -Rish DPM ACx (72x144)


The digital panel meters RISH DPM 72 X 144 1 PH. 4½ ACI/ACV have been designed for industrial applications, which frequently require precise and on-site adjustment of the display range. It can be used in industrial automation and for laboratory uses.
  • AC Current ranges and AC Voltage ranges available.
  • 4 ½ Digit ultra bright Display with 26mm digit height.
  • User defined caption. 
  • Various auxillary power supply ranges are available.
  • Maximum Display Count : 19999.
  • Resolution : 0.0001 to 1 count depending on the range.
  • Highly adaptable DPMs suitable for a wide range of measuring applications.
  • Instrument for DC Voltage measurement available in 4 ½ Digit DPM.
  • The chosen input range is user adjustable, from 10% to  100% of the full-scale value for AC Current and AC Voltage, for simple Voltage, for simple adaptation of the digital readout to the input value.
DPM 72X144 4½ ACI  : 1 PH. AC current measurement
DPM 72X144 4½ ACV : 1 PH. AC voltage measurement