Touch Screen - Rish Master 3440i / Rish Master 3440iDL : Class 0.2s

Touch Screen - Rish Master 3440i / Rish Master 3440iDL : Class 0.2s


MODNET Software IP Changing Video


Touch screen graphics LCD

Rish Master 3440i/3440iDL has touch sensible color graphics LCD display with resolution of 320x240.

Active Energy - Class 0.2S as per IEC 62053-22

RTC (Real Time Clock) (RM440iDL)

Inbuilt real time clock for display of date and time, along with time stamping for data logging and Event recording.

Relay Output (Optional)

Potential free, very fast acting relay contact. Configurable as :

  • Pulse output which can be used to drive an external counter for energy measurement.
  • Limit (Alarm) switch. to trip one or two relays if the programmed parameter exceeds the programmed High & Low Limits.
  • RTC relay for RM3440iDL to control some instrument automatically over the period of a week repetitively.
  • Timer Relay Output for RM3440iDL to operate relay in cyclic manner.

Optional Analog Outputs ( 2 Outputs)

2 Analog outputs can be programmed from a list of input parameters.

Data logging (RM440iDL)

Meter has inbuilt 8MB Flash for datalogging. Following options are available:

  • Event Logging: Previous 5 events of factory default parameters can be logged with Date and time.
  • Time based logging: User selectable parameters (1 to 30) can be logged at regular intervals(1 to 60min) with Date and Time stamp in internal memory and and can be accessed via Modbus or Ethernet or USB.
  • If 1 Parameter for example energy is selected with logging interval of 15 minutes, log of maximum 948 days are available for user. If 30 Parameters are selected with logging interval of 60 minutes, log of maximum 355 days are available for user.
  • Load Profile logging: Logging of energy consumed and peak Demand(Power and Current) in a day and in month for efficient tracking of load behaviours. ?Maximum 1 year daily and 14years of monthly log is available for user.

Sag, Swell and Over Current (RM440iDL)

Sag, Swell and Over Current detection and storage for recent 30 such events with their date & time of detection, duration (min. 100 msec) and start and end phase indication of the corresponding event.

Direct remote access(Optional)

Remote configuration of the Instrument and access of measured parameter via Modbus or through Ethernet interface (Modbus TCP/IP).

Energy measurement

Active energy Import (kWh), Active energy export (kWh) Reactive energy Inductive(kVArh), Reactive energy capacitive(kVArh), & Apparent energy (kVAh). Any of the parameters can be freely assigned to 2 optional pulse outputs.

Programmable Energy format & Energy rollover count

Customer can assign the format for energy display on MODBUS (RS485) in terms of W, kW or MW. Additional to this, customer can also set a rollover count from 7 to 9 digits, after which the energy will roll back to zero. The above settings are applicable for all types of energy.

Auto Energy Ranging Count on Display

The Energy count rollover from Watt to KWatt then to MWatt as energy increases over the period.

THD and Individual Harmonics measurement

The instrument can measure per phase THD of voltage & current, and individual (upto 31st) harmonics of voltage and current.

Onsite selection of Auto scroll / Fixed Screen

User can set the display in auto scrolling mode or fixed screen mode locally via front panel keys by entering into Programming mode or remotely.

Phasor Diagram

Pictorial representation of all 3 Phases (Voltage & Current) in terms of vectors.

Phase Sequence indication

The instrument can detect wrong phase sequence or failure of one of the input voltages and displays “phase error” message.


Pictorial representation of all 3 phases Current & voltage in terms of sinusoidal waveform.

User selectable CT and PT secondary

The secondary of the Current Transformer (CT) and Potential Transformer (PT) can be programmed via front panel by entering into Programming mode or remotely via MODBUS (Rs485)/ Ethernet.

User Assignable Registers for MODBUS

Customer can assign MODBUS register address as per his need for faster response time.

Parameter Screen recall

In case of power failure, the instrument memorizes the last displayed screen.

Compliance to International Safety standards

Compliance to International Safety standard IEC 61010-1- 2010.

Enclosure Protection for dust and water

Conforms to IP 54 (front face) as per IEC60529.

EMC Compatibility

Compliance to International standard IEC 61326.