Rish CON M+

Rish CON M+

  • 4-in-1 programmable transducer
  • Fully onsite programmable Input: PT & CT ratio, Output: DC Current / Voltage
  • Upto 4 Isolated Analog & 2 Relay Output
  • True RMS and THD measurement upto 31st Harmonics
  • Fast Response time < 300 msec
  • Accuracy class 0.2 as per EN/IEC 60688
  • Energy Measurement Class 0.5s as per 62053-22
  • Fast and easy installation on DIN RAIL and Wall Mount
  • Connection Terminal: Conventional Screw type

4-in-1 programmable transducers
Measurement parameters like voltage, current, power, frequency and many more can be configured
to any analog or digital output. Voltage or current, Linear or Bent characteristic configurable for all
analog output. Digital output configurable to Pulse output, Limit output or timer output.

Fast Response Time
Analog Output response time is less than 300 msec.

Measuring Input
AC Voltage/Current input signal, sine wave or distorted wave form upto 31st Harmonics.
Measurement of instantaneous values of more than 50 quantities (Voltage, Current, Power (W, VAR,
VA), Power Factor, Phase Angle, Frequency, System and Per Phase Demand, THD, System and Per
Phase Energy (Wh, VArh, Vah).

Best In Class Accuracy
Transducer Class 0.2 Accuracy as per IEC 60688.
Active Energy Class 0.5s as per 62053-22.

USB Communication
Transducer can be configured onsite using USB. USB is self-powered so device configuration is
possible, both with and without auxiliary supply.

RS485 Communication Interface
Optional MODBUS RS-485 interface for monitoring and configuration purpose is also provided.

Programmable Input/Output
Transducer Input and Outputs can be programmed on-site using USB or RS-485 Interface.

Compliance to International Safety standards
Compliance to International Safety standard IEC 61010- 1-2010

EMC Compatibility
Compliance to International standard IEC 61326.