The RISH CON - V / RISH CON - I is used to measure and convert AC Voltage or Current input into an proportional DC current or voltage output signal. Output signal generated is proportional to the root mean square value of the input Current or Voltage.
Measuring Input
AC Voltage/ Current input signal , sine wave or distorted wave form.
Analog Output (Single or dual)
Isolated analog output which can be set onsite to either voltage or current output.
Output signal accuracy class 0.2 as per International Standard IEC/EN 60688.
Programmable Input/Output
Onsite transducer can be programmed using front key & display or through programming port or through RS 485. For transducer without display & RS485 programming port can be used for onsite programming.
LED Indication
LED indication for power on and output type.(Current Orange LED, Voltage Green LED)
Display Module (Optional)
Optional 7 segment LCD display with backlit & keypad. For displaying measured parameters & onsite configuration of Input/output.
Rs485 Communication(Optional)
Optional RS485 communication is available. For reading measured parameters & onsite configuration of input/output.