Quality Code

"Prices are negotiable but quality is not"
Certified ISO 9001:2015 Organization, Rishabh Instruments has world-class facilities to test instruments as per IEC, DIN, IS and ANSI standards. The company’s products also have UL, CSA, CSE, GOST, & ASTA certifications. The QA lab is equipped with highly accurate standards for calibration and testing equipments like Datron Wavetek, Fluke, Zera, Yokogawa for Current & Voltage standard calibration, Vibration testing, Environment Chamber for High Voltage Tester, & Insulation Tester. The company also has NABL accredited Laboratory for testing and calibration of products.
The Quality Management System of Rishabh Instruments limited is in accordance to ISO 9001:2000, since April 1985.
QAS as a process is subdivided into four parts viz. Inward, In-process, Final and Testing & Calibration.
All incoming material into the factory is inspected at this section. Statistical quality control technique used is VQR (Vendor Quality Rating) and the sampling procedure used is as per IS 2500. Engineers and operators are stationed in this section to cater to Electronic and mechanical component requirement.
The basic concept of this section is to build in “quality” in the processes itself. Critical stations are identified and setting patrol and final inspections are done at these stations. For special processes operator qualification and operator training is done. In process Quality plans are available to guide through the process of 'in-process' inspections
Final products are inspected at this section. The inspection is in two parts viz. electrical and packing. Quality plans are exclusively made per product to guide through the process of final inspection. The sampling procedure made is as per IS 1248. The statistical quality control technique used is D Merit Index
Testing and Calibration.
Rishabh's Testing and calibration Laboratory, is a NABL accreditation (National Accreditation board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) as per ISO/IEC 17025:2017, for its calibration facilities in the Electro-technical field.
Rishabh Testing and Calibration laboratory equipped with amenities to carry out the followings
Type testing on different final products (for verification of design) as per IS/IEC/DIN/EN standards.
Approval of components.
In house calibration programme of all the instruments / sources / standards held by the factory.
To co-ordinate the external calibration of standards.