Convenient Triple Display
Simultaneous measurement of voltage and frequency or voltage and min, max values is possible. Also current and frequency or the current measurement and minimum and maximum values are displayed simultaneously The usual switching back and forth between display values is no longer necessary. Main display resolution for AC is 4 ¾ places and for DC it is 5 ¾ places 
High Resolution & Precision
5 ¾ places (309,999digits) for DC measured quantities and 4 ¾ places (30,999 digits) for AC measured quantities allow for precision reference measurements and use as a calibration standard for testing devices and assemblies.
RMS Value with Distorted Waveshape
The utilized measuring method allows for waveshape independent RMS measurement (TRMS AC).
Additional Functions
Resistance (Ohm), Temperature (°C), Continuity, Diode, Capacitance, Frequency, Duty cycle
Overload Protection
The instrument is safeguarded for up to 1000 V in all measuring functions by overload protection. An acoustic signal is generated if the upper voltage or current range limit is exceeded. FUSE appears at the display if the fuse for the current is blown.
Measuring Category
1000V CAT III/600V CAT IV as per IEC Standard 61010-1.
Automatic Blocking Sockets (ABS)
Automatic blocking sockets prevent incorrect connection of measurement cables and inadvertent selection of the wrong measured quantity. This significantly reduces danger to the user, the instrument and the system under test and in many cases eliminates it entirely.
Backlit Display
The instrument is provided with user selectable Back-lit for taking measurements in poor lighting conditions / dark areas.