Test Voltages to 5000 V
This instrument is suited for the non-destructive measurement of insulation resistance in electrical systems, at machines and transformers and in cables, as well as within the electrical equipment of, for example, locomotives, tram systems and ocean going vessels, with eight selectable test voltages up to 5kV.
Voltage measurement to 2000 V
With the voltage measuring ranges, test objects can be checked for the absence of voltage in networks of up to 2KV. This is important for insulation resistance measurement, because extraneous voltages distort measurement results.
Discharge of Capacitive Devices under Test
Capacitive devices under test such as cables and coils, which might be discharged to test voltage, are discharged by the measuring instrument. The drop in voltage can be observed at the needle gauge.
Measurement in accordance with EN61557 part 1 and 2/ IS 2992 (VDE 0413)
Measuring current is equal to 1mA at a test voltage of 100V, 250V, 500V and 1000V.
Measurement Cables with Heavy-Duty Insulation
The measurement cables with heavy-duty insulation are permanently connected for safety and technical reasons. Possible danger caused by the unintentional removal of cables is thus avoided, for example when charging occurs due to capacitive test objects.
Needle Gauge with LEDs
Three LEDs arranged within the needle gauge make reading easier. The lamp lights up which is located next to the scale, which is assigned to the selected measuring range. During the measurement sequence, the green LED indicates whether or not the battery charge is sufficient for the measurement.

* Broad measuring range from 10KOhm to 1TOhm

* Easy to read logarithmic display

* Test voltages : 100V, 250V, 500V, 1000V, 1500V, 2000V, 2500V, 5000V

* Measurement to 2000V in accordance with DIN VDE 0413

* Measuring range : 100kOhm to 100MOhm (1000V)

* Voltage measurement to 2000V 

* Guard Terminal eliminates surface current

* Power supply with batteries or Crank Generator (Optional) or mains operated (Optional)