Rish Flex 6024A (1 Phase)

Rish Flex 6024A (1 Phase)



More power: “Power Boost”

This features allows the use of a smaller size unit to power demanding loads such as motors, solenoid valves, lamps and other loads with transient overload behavior which would otherwise required an oversize power supply. 

Short-circuit protection

“Continuous output mode”
In case of short –circuit or overload, the output current is kept at high values with near zero voltage. In case of short circuit the current can reaches up to 3 times the rated current at 60ºc. This protection mode is used to meet the requirements of demanding loads such as motors, solenoid valves, lamps, PLC with highly capacitive input circuits and other loads with marked transient overload behavior.
* Input: single-phase: 115 – 230 Vac
Output: 24 Vdc 50°C
Efficiency up to 88%
Strong overload without switch-off
Flexible Power continuity : from 36 to 72 W
DIN Rail Mountable
Extremely small size
3 Year warranty