Rishabh Young / Rishabh iYoung

Rishabh Young / Rishabh iYoung



The new Rishabh Young and Rishabh iYoung Multimeter are compact, Handy & Trendy multimeters specially targeted for applications of Electrical contractors, Service Industry, Technicians, HVAC and also the education sector i.e., students who will be the future of tomorrow 


  • Pocket size compact Multi-meter
  • Direct and alternating voltages from 100μV ... 600V
  • Direct and alternating currents from 10μA ... 10.00A (Rishabh iYoung)
  • Resistance from 1Ω... 40.00MΩ with zero correction
  • Frequencies from 10.00Hz ... 500kHz
  • Diode measurement and continuity testing
  • Data Hold
  • Relative measurement
  • Duty cycle (%) measurement
  • Non-Contact Voltage Detection
  • Drop proof Multimeter

Technical specifications



By pressing the HOLD key, the currently displayed measurement value can be held and “HOLD” is simultaneously displayed.


Relative measurement (REL):

By pressing the REL key, the zero correction is made. All functions can do zero correction except Hz/Duty.


Automatic/manual measuring range selection:

The measurement functions are chosen with the rotary selector switch. The measuring range is automatically adjusted to the measurement value. The measuring range can also be manually selected with the AUTO/MAN button.

Note : For Frequency ( Hz ) , Duty cycle ( % ), and Capacitance ( F ) measuring range is AUTO . No Manual range selection is possible.



The instrument can measure frequency (Hz) and duty cycle (%) of the AC Voltage by pressing Function (Yellow) key.


Non-Contact Voltage Detection:

RISHABH Young / iYoung allows you to detect the voltage presence in the live circuit without any electrical contact. NCV will be detected above 120V AC without safety cover.


Overload warning:

An acoustic signal occurs when measuring AC voltage>750V, DC Voltage>1000V, AC/DC mA current>400.0mA (Rishabh iYoung), AC/DC current>10.00A (Rishabh iYoung).


Energy saving circuit (Auto Power Off):

The instrument is switched off automatically, if none of the operating elements have been activated for about 15 minutes.


Protective cover for rough operating conditions:

A protective cover of Rubber Holster with a built-in stand protects the instrument against jolts and falls.



It has provision of mounting clip for hands free operation in awkward situation.


Diode and continuity testing:

This provides for the testing of the polarity of diodes, as well as inspection for short-circuits and circuit interruptions. In addition to the display, resistance of less than approx. 60 ± 5Ω are indicated with an acoustic signal