• Detection of Earth leakage
  • Adjustable Earth Fault Percentage
  • Adjustable Time Delay
  • Testing Simulation
  • Manual & Remote reset
  • LED indication for Trip & Power ON
  • 2 pole relay contacts
  • Polycarbonate casing (UL 94 V-0)
  • Protective clear terminal cover (UL 94 V-0)
Product Function
The relay is provided with settable EFR, current trip settings & settable trip time delay. Relay energises on fault condition.
External CTs to be installed along with EFR, of secondary rating of 5 A or 1 A, can be selected via terminal 1 & 2 or 1 & 3 respectively.
When the Aux power is applied to the EFR inside relay remains in de-energised condition. When input current exceeds Earth Fault set level the relay energises after set trip time delay. (Refer Note).
The EFR operates in manual reset mode. For resetting it is necessary to press RESET push button provided on front panel of EFR. Relay can also be resetted by using external NO type remote reset push button (if connected externally at terminals 10 & 11)
Note: EFR does not operate in fail safe operation mode. EFR is available in in "Relay Energizing on fault " condition logic (i.g. Revers Logic). Before installing EFR ensure that the system & wiring connection are proper & temper proof.