RISH EM series measures important electrical parameters in 3 phase and single phase Network & replaces the multiple analog panel meters. It measures electrical parameters like Active / Reactive / Apparent energy , power as per models. The instrument has optional output as one pulse output for energy measurement.
Energy billing
Electrical load monitoring
Genset, Test Benches and Laboratories
True RMS measurement:
Measures distorted waveform up to 15th Harmonic.
Energy as per IEC 62053:
 Independent Import and Export Energy counter.
Active energy (kWh), Reactive energy (kVArh),    Apparent energy (kVAh) measurement.
Accuracy as per IEC 62053-21,IEC62053-23.
THD Measurement:
The instrument measures THD per phase voltage & current.
Onsite programmable:
Onsite Programmable System Configuration 3PH4W / 3PH3W / 1PH2W.
Onsite Programmable CT ratios and PT ratios
Direct remote access(Optional):
Remote configuration of the Instrument via MODBUS.
Remote access of measured parameters. Programmable baud rates up to 38.4kbps.
Limit (Alarm) or Pulse Relay Output(Optional):
Potential free, very fast acting relay contact. 
Configurable as pulse output which can be used to drive an external counter for energy measurement.
Configurable as limit (alarm) switch.
Low back depth:
The instrument has very low back depth (behind the panel) of less than 35 mm.
Configurable Error Diagnosis Mode:
Incorrect phase sequence, phase reversal and phase missing error detection.
LCD Display with Backlit:
LCD shows 3 Parameters at a glance.
Parameter Screen recall:
In case of power failure, the instrument memorizes the last displayed screen.
Hour Run, ON Hour, Number of Interruptions:
Hour run records the number of hours load is connected. ON Hour is the period for which the auxiliary supply is ON. Number of Interruptions indicates the number of times the Auxiliary Supply was interrupted.
Onsite selection of Auto scroll / Fixed Screen
User can set the display in auto scrolling mode or fixed screen mode locally via front panel keys by entering into Programming mode or remotely via MODBUS (Rs485).
Enclosure Protection for dust and water:
Conforms to IP 50 (front face) as per IEC60529
Compliance to International Safety standards:
Compliance to International Safety standard IEC 61010-1- 2010
EMC Compatibility
Compliance to International standard IEC 61326