RISH ML 1400 / ML 1410 (MultiLoad Monitor)

RISH ML 1400 / ML 1410 (MultiLoad Monitor)

  • Multiple Circuit Monitoring ( 4x 3ph or 12x 1ph) - System Transparency @ a glance
  • Unmatched Energy Saving 
  • Residual Current Monitoring and tripping
  • Prepaid Tariff based tripping
  • Health Monitoring of Three Phase Load
  • Data logging (Event based, Time based, Load profile based)
  • Plug and Play Current transformer (RJ12 connections)
  • Multiple class option (Class 1 or Class 0.5s as per IEC 62053)
  • On-site fully programmable 
  • Direct remote access via communication (Modbus - RTU, Modbus TCP/IP)
  • Relay Output (optional 2 or 4)
  • THD and Individual Harmonics Measurement ( upto 31st)
  • RTC (Real Time Clock)
  • Easy & Cost Effective Installations
  • Big LCD display with Backlit (4 parameters along with 9 digit energy counter)
  • Percentage load indication
  • Flexible DIN Mounted QuickFix modules (RJ00, RJ01, RJ05, RC30)


Datasheet - QuickFix Module

Datasheet - 3Phase RJ12 CTs


MODNET Software IP Changing Video

IP Setting on Display + Communication with Marc and Modnet

Multiple Circuit Monitoring
  • Measures & monitors Instantaneous Current, Voltage, Power & Energy for multiple loads simultaneously
  • Meter allows 4 Three Phase or 12 Single Phase or Hybrid Load connections with the help of 12 Current and 1 channel 3 phase voltage measurement.
Plug and Play Current transformer
RJ 12 connector is available for External CT connection, which enables easy, fast and error free installation. 2 meter long cable is provided with the CT.
Direct remote access
  • Remote configuration of the Instrument via MODBUS or Ethernet.
  • Remote access of measured parameters.
Relay Output (optional)
  • Pulse output which can be used to drive an external counter for energy measurement
  • Limit (alarm) switch
  • Timer mode for switching ON & OFF for configurable number of times
  • Switch for unhealthy Three Phase load
  • Energy Tariff based tripping
  • RTC based tripping and un-tripping for configurable days of the week
  • Residual Current (RCM) based tripping
  • Remote Relay Control using MODBUS or Ethernet


THD and Individual Harmonics Measurement
The instrument measures per phase THD and individual harmonic up to 31st harmonics for each voltage & current
RTC (Real Time Clock)
Inbuilt real time clock for display of date and time, along with time stamping for data logging and Event recording
Easy & Cost Effective Installations
Multiple circuit Connections on Single board provide easy & economical installation process
Prepaid Tariff based tripping

This feature provides the luxury of tripping the load whose energy has crossed the required threshold of the configured tariff amount. The user just needs to set the energy, top-up amount and the rate per unit (kilo) of energy.

Residual Current Monitoring
The residual current flowing through a path can be acquired by using the CT with specified specifications and connecting it to an RJ12 input of the instrument.
Onsite programmable
  • Onsite Programmable System Configuration 3PH4W / 3PH3W / 1PH2W / RCM / No Load for each channel.
  • Onsite Programmable CT Primary, PT Primary and PT Secondary


Data logging
  • Meter has inbuilt 8MB Flash for data logging
  • Event Logging, Time based logging, Load Profile logging


Energy as per IEC 62053
Active Energy accuracy Class 1 as per IEC 62053 – 21 (Optional Class 0.5s, IEC 62053-22)
Applicable Standards
Safety standard - IEC 61010-1- 2010
EMC - IEC 61326