Single channel DC Energy Meter - Rish EMDC 6000

Single channel DC Energy Meter - Rish EMDC 6000

  • Onsite Programmable
  • Accuracy Class 0.5
  • Data Logging with Real Time Clock
  • Shunt Reverse Locking

Single Channel DC Energy Meter - Rish EM DC 6000

1 - line 8 digit Ultra-bright LED Display
1 - line LED display provides easily readable data on meter front with a display range of 99999999

Isolated Voltage Channel
The Voltage channel is galvanically isolated from rest of the circuitry

Bi-Directional Voltage & Current measurement
The meter has a unique feature of measuring both charging and discharging current

Event Logging
Previous 5 Events of factory-default parameters can be logged with Date and Time stamp

Data Logging
User Selectable parameters (1 to 30) can be logged at regular intervals (1 to 60 min) with Date & Time stamp in internal memory and can be accessed via MODBUS

Max Records can vary from 8533 to 91018 depending upon number of selected parameters

Load Profile Analysis
Logging of Energy consumed and Peak Demand (Power & Current) in a day and in a month for efficient tracking of load behaviour

Daily Data is available for last 1 year and Monthly Data is available for last 14 years

Direct Remote Access (optional)
Remote configuration of the Instrument and access of measured parameters via MODBUS

Programmable baud rates up to 57.6kbps

Reverse Locking
Energy and Ampere Hour accumulation can be blocked for Reverse Power and Current respectively

Reverse condition can be set as Import or Export

Onsite Configuration
Configuration can be done via Front Keys, USB-based Serial Interface or RS485 (MODBUS)

Relay Functions
1. Limit Switch - For protection against over-shoot or under-shoot of any selected parameter
2. Pulse Output - To drive an external counter for energy measurement
3. Timer - Cyclic ON-OFF operation of relay for user-defined cycles with programmable ON-OFF   Delays
4. Remote Operation - Relays can be activated remotely via Modbus
5. Reverse Locking Alarm
6. RTC Relay - Relay can be activated & deactivated at predefined ON & OFF Time on any or all Days of Week

Enclosure Protection for dust and water
Conforms to IP 54 (front face) as per IEC60529

Compliance to International Safety standards
Compliance to International Safety standard IEC 61010-1- 2010

EMC Compatibility
Compliance to International standard IEC 61326