marc - Next generation IIoT platform

marc - Next generation IIoT platform



  • Monitor all parameters of WAGES (Water, Air, Gas, Electric & Steam ) over RS485 Modbus.
  • Node Base Licence with easy to add-on.
  • Included Mobile App for Android & IoS Devices on Google Play Store & Apple App Store.
  • Parameter & Device agnostics platform.
  • Multi-Language - User Settable.
  • Alarms & Notification - User settable SMS & email notification & alarms.
  • Reports in Excel & pdf format, along with user-configurable excel report.
  • Real-time data visualization - Analog, Digital, Graphical, Network & Tabular view.
  • Customization arithmetic equation
  • Display unit management feature to correct multiplication factor


Free Marc software


Marc is our Next Generation IIOT Platform with build-in apps for assets & equipment for managing up-time, efficiency, productivity, condition monitoring, control, preventive & predictive maintenance for demand-side management of system and process parameter monitoring.

It is designed to handle quantitative and qualitative data to provide users with an in-depth analysis and insight into their systems enabling them with possibilities for optimization, energy OPEX savings, and building efficiency in their networks.

The value addition provided by the system is its problem diagnosis engine based on the trends and data mining of historical data in cloud & desktop of an asset preventing expensive downtime and breakdown of machines, motors, transformers and other loads. The MARC also provides basic remote manual control capability and conditional execution/controlling capability.

We also offer Android & iOS apps for any Android & iOS device, which can be downloaded from Google Play Store & Apple App Store.

A PC /Laptop /Server/gateway functions as the server or base station to continuously execute all actions and functions described above. The configuration of the PC /Laptop /Server/gateway and the associated network connectivity will depend on the amount of data being collected, analyzed, reported and executed

Rishabh provide & marc.desktop versions.