Temperature Controller - RE56

Temperature Controller - RE56

  • Universal Measuring Input: (RTD & TC)
  • Digital Input Filter - Useful for noise suppression
  • Control Type: On / OFF or PID Mode
  • Operation Modes: Automatic or Manual
  • Timer Function
  • Heating / Cooling control

RTD : PT100(2 or 3 wire)
Thermocouple: J,T,K,S,R

Independent Relay output & SSR output
Either Relay or SSR output can be configured to Control output while other output can be used as Alarm Output

Control Output

  • Control Method : ON-OFF ,PID
  • Type of control output : Relay or SSR

Alarm Output

  • Different Alarm modes available.
  • Type of alarm output : Relay or SSR

Auto tunning of PID Parameters

3 digit 7 segment display with 14.2 mm digit height

Output can be controlled manually

Timer Function
Control Output can be configured for timer function
Timer output can be assigned to following functions
1.Stop Control Output
2.Switch to Manual Mode
3.Start Auto Tunning
4.Stop Auto tunning
Alarm Output can be configured to Timer Alarm

Output on Sensor Failure
User can set the value for safe operation of process on failure of input sensor

Input Digital filter
The time constant of the filter can be set from 0 to 99.9 sec

Heating / Cooling control
Output can be configured as Heating or Cooling control